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Feb 3, 2022

On episode 96 of #RecruiterCast, John and Dave will be chatting with Ben Platt on the integration work and life, rather than the balance of it.Want to work from a hammock in the middle of Utah? Why not. Live in a bus and travel the country? Why not. Rather than balancing work and play, Ben likes to look at them as an...

Jan 27, 2022

On episode 95 of #RecruiterCast, John and Dave were chatting on some hot topics.


They touch on something we recently read that brought up the question: 'Is the hiring problems the fault of HR?' In addition, they will talk about the IRS requiring video proof of identification, and about the idea that cancel culture...

Jan 6, 2022

On episode 92 of #RecruiterCast, John and Dave will be ringing in the new year by dusting off the cobwebs and chatting about all things 2022! Predictions on hiring, recruiting and employment for the upcoming year. Tune in!



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Oct 21, 2021

On episode 87 of #RecruiterCast, John and Dave will be answering questions live from our new subreddit:

Tune in and ask your own questions!

#recruitercast #livepodcast #recruitercastlive #currentevents #reddit...

Oct 7, 2021

On episode 85 of #RecruiterCast, John and Dave will be starting up a new segment called 'career paths'. This week, we will be joined by special guest Ben Platt, founder of #TemboCPAs. In this segment, we will talk with various people about the paths they have been on throughout their careers and how they got to...